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With the rise of crime and antisocial activity, your safety is paramount in modern times and you cannot negotiate at any cost. Closed cameras can help us and make us feel very good knowing that we are being monitored, and if something goes wrong, we support that has solid proof.

 If you plan to buy for your home or work and are always wondering “what CCTV camera should I buy?” Siam IT experts are proposing the best type of CCTV camera to meet your needs.

Often I don’t understand the wide range of these cameras. CCTV cameras come in a variety of styles and configurations, with different choices depending on where you are installing. Read below for more information.

1.Day/Night CCTV Camera 

Day/night circuit TV cameras have the advantage of working in any environment, from normal to dim lighting. This security camera system can record clear video in both bright and dark places, eliminating the need for an infrared illuminator. Ideal for outdoor surveillance where the infrared CCTV camera does not work optimally. A day/night circuit TV camera is used. It has a wide dynamic range that works at any time under a variety of conditions, including glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and strong backgrounds. 

2. Bullet Type Cameras

These cameras are designed to capture images in specific areas and in specific locations, making them ideal as home security cameras. These cameras are thin and cylindrical. They are also classified as Ultra Bullet. It is mainly characterized by its small size and low price. 

3. C-mount camera

These cameras are a bit ahead of the others. The C-mount camera has a removable lens that allows the user to customize the lens to suit their needs. For example, a standard CCTV camera lens can only cover a distance of 35-40 feet. C-mount cameras can use special lenses that can cover distances over 40 feet.

4. Dome Camera

Dome cameras are the most economical of all and the basic type of security camera intended for indoor installation. The name of this camera comes from the shape of its dome. These cameras are only used for daytime projects.

5. Wireless cameras

These cameras could possibly be associated with the web. Not all remote CCTV cameras are IP-based. Some remote cameras might utilize an elective mode for remote transmission. Be that as it may, the principal benefits of these units are something very similar, paying little mind to the transmission technique. All in all, the establishment adaptability is extremely high.

6. Varifocal Cameras

These cameras are designed to zoom in and out without losing the central part of the image. These cameras are used in many reality shows and have the quality to emphasize the character, as required by the script. 

7. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

These infrared / night-vision circuit TV cameras can see complete darkness through infrared LEDs. These cameras are ideal for outdoor and nighttime use with near-zero lighting. 

Under the legitimate direction of safety experts, SIAM IT offers CCTV camera establishment, giving confirmed security CCTV advances, video transmission innovation, and organization/IP correspondences as a feature of our center CCTV administration, guaranteeing client necessities, and giving CCTV framework establishment and CCTV framework support for high dependability. The expense of the CCTV cameras fluctuates with the difference in their provisions.

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